Frequently asked questions

How does renting work?

Perfect for special occasions, renting allows you to book your item of choice on specific dates. Our rental period is 4 days.

What is Rip & Stain Protection?

Most of our members take great care in renting items and the damage rate is extremely low. However, we understand that every now and again some wear and tear may be inevitable. That is why we have introduced optional Insurance when renting items on Designer Wardrobe.

What’s covered?

If you choose to purchase Rip & Stain Protection when renting an item - we will cover any minor damage such as stains and/or rips, to a maximum cost of $250 NZD per rented item.

If you have rented items in your care that have been damaged in any way, please contact us before initiating any type of repair.

What’s not covered?

We understand that minor damage of clothing can sometimes happen, however there are other events that we don’t offer cover for. These events are:

  • Late returns
  • Irreparable or excessive damage including stains that can't be removed
  • Loss of item due to carelessness, theft or other
  • In the event of irreparable damage or loss of the item, the Borrower would be liable to cover the fair market value of the item, at the discretion of our team.

What is a Backup Style?

For just $20, you can add a Back-up Style (as an optional add-on) for any rental booking. Perfect for when you’re not quite sure of the dress size or fit or simply want to have a second option available.

Details to note

  • Your Back-Up Style can be any dress of your choice. You will be charged for the more expensive of the two rentals at checkout.
  • You will receive your backup as part of the same delivery of your main option and you will need to return your backup at the same time as your main option.
  • You can choose to wear either option, or both! Note if you wear both you'll be charged the full rental price of the backup option (less the $20 you already paid) on return.
  • If you choose to wear your backup style, you will not be refunded the difference if it is a lower-priced dress than your primary option.
  • When you add a backup dress, the lower-priced dress will automatically discount to $20.
  • Please remember to remove the tag only from the dress(es) you choose to wear for your event. Dresses without tags are considered 'worn' and you will need to pay the full rental price (less the $20 you already paid for).

What if I lose or damage a rental?

Lost items

All our rentals are sent on signature required delivery to ensure they get to you as safely and quickly as possible. Due to the high value of our dresses we don't allow our rentals to be sent without signature being required. If you have an ATL (Authority to Leave) on your address then this is at your own risk and you will be liable should the rental be left at your address and lost.

Non return

A "non return" occurs 20 days after an item was supposed to have been returned. In the unlikely event of this, or "damage beyond repair" (you have damaged the item beyond being repairable), you will be will be liable to pay for replacement of the item.

In determining the value of replacement, The Dress Room will take into account the condition of the dress, the demand of that dress in the current market, the availability to purchase that dress in the market. Please note any charges are over and above any rental fees that have already been paid. While most replacement fees will be the retail cost of the item - items that are determined rare and out of production, but still in high demand, will be subject to a "non return" fee of 200% of the retail price from when it was available.

What if my rental doesn't fit?

Our Fit Guarantee has you covered in the rare instance your online rental order doesn’t fit, or just doesn't look quite right!

If your rental arrives and doesn't look quite right, simply follow these steps:

1. Email with your order number to let us know you require a Fit Guarantee

2. Keep the tags on the item and return to us right away (see details below)

3. Wait to hear back from us regarding your Refund*

For a refund*, you must complete step 1 above on or before the rental start date. Your rental must also be:

  • Still in the same condition as when received, with all tags attached.
  • Dropped to an NZ Post or Drop-off location within 24 hrs of when it was delivered or received.

* Less a $25 admin & shipping fee. We reserve the right to deduct any cleaning or repair fees from the refunded amount in the rare instance these are needed.

How do I return a rental?

At the time of booking, you can select to either drop your rental back to our store, or return it via the reusable courier bag it arrived in (if you selected this option, a return courier sticker will be included).

If you're returning your rental by courier, please make sure that it is scanned in at the counter (not put in a post box) to avoid late fees.

Can I try it on before I book?

Yes, you can visit us in store to try any rental on before you book. We can't guarantee availability in advance so we recommend calling ahead if you're wanting to try something specific.

Please feel free to chat to us within shop hours, or send us an email and we'll get back to you.

You can also phone us: 028-851-79167

Visit us: 12A Teed Street, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand. Store hours

What happens if I return my rental late?

When an item is not returned on-time we may be unable to the next rental for another member. Because of this, we rely on Borrowers returning items on-time as an important part of the renting experience.

The date to send back your rental items is communicated at the time of booking.

Late Fees

If you return your rental(s) late, a late fee of $25 per day will be charged to the payment source associated with your account.

How long can I keep my rental for?

Our standard rental period is 4 days. Extensions my be available by prior arrangement. Please contact us to learn more.

Please feel free to chat to us within shop hours, or send us an email and we'll get back to you.

You can also phone us: 028-851-79167

Visit us: 12A Teed Street, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand. Store hours

Rental Try-On options

Live outside of Auckland and want to be sure the rental piece you've got your eye on will fit just right on the day? No problem. We can deliver your rental of choice to your door so you can try it on in the comfort of your own home for just $25 per rental plus delivery fees (Return delivery must be purchased at time of order). Laybuy cannot be used for Try-on orders. Please note we can only send a maximum of 3 at one time.

PLEASE NOTE: Postal Try-ons are for out of Auckland ONLY.