Back-up style

If you’re unsure of fit, style, or simply want to have a second option available you can add a back-up style to any booking for just $20.

This option is not available for Overnight Try-ons.

  • 1. Explore

    Browse and add both your first and second choice of garment to your cart. Be sure to select the same rental period for both.

  • 2. Update cart

    On the cart page, select the "one of my garments is a backup" checkbox to add $20 to your order.

  • 3. Checkout

    Proceed to the checkout page and enter the discount code BACKUP. This will update your cart so that you only pay for the more expensive item, and the backup option will cost $20.

    Please note that you will still pay the cost of the more expensive item no matter which item you wear.

  • 4. Wear

    When you receive your order, both garments will have tags attached. Try them on and decide which one you prefer, before removing the tag from the option you plan on wearing only.

    Please note If you choose to wear your backup style, you will not be refunded the difference if it is a lower-priced dress than your primary option.

  • 5. Return

    Return both garments on or by your rental return date.

  • Note

    If both garments are returned with the tags removed, you will be charged for the full rental fee for both items.

We're here to help

We know it's not always easy to find the right fit when booking online, so our knowledgeable stylists' are on hand to help you choose the perfect style - whether it's in person, by email or on live chat during business hours.